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Unger's Pottery House

Located in Monte Verde, Minas Gerais, the gallery is located in a 3,000m² space where art and nature merge, resulting in a beautiful creative and harmonious expression.


We exhibit and sell contemporary works of art, including decorative and utilitarian objects and garden objects such as fountains, sculptures, torchlights, birdbaths, among others.


Visit us to delve into a world of beauty and artistic inspiration

Free entrance

Rua da Represa, 1307
Monte Verde, Camanducaia MG

Monday to Sunday

10am to 5pm

Saturdays, vacations and holidays

10am to 6pm

What do people say about the gallery?


Francielle Dalsasso

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The gallery location is very beautiful and we were very well received. For those who like nature, arts and ceramics, it is well worth the visit. You can only enjoy or buy the pieces that are on display. It has utilitarian and decorative pieces, all very beautiful. The ceramics for the garden caught my attention, there are several models of fountains, very charming and colorful.

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Paula Unger

Founder of Unger's Pottery House in Monte Verde (MG), she has had an extensive career as a ceramist and visual artist, having achieved significant recognition in the world of ceramics.

Paula Unger
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Discover Monte Verde

Located in Serra da Mantiqueira, the city of Monte Verde can be visited less than 3 hours from São Paulo or 6:30 hours from Belo Horizonte. Also  Known as "Suíça Mineira", Monte Verde enchants its visitors with its exuberant natural beauty and climate with mild temperatures throughout the year.

Monte Verde offers cozy inns, charming little shops, restaurants with delicious homemade Minas Gerais food, chocolate shops, and many activities, such as trails amid nature.

In this beautiful city, which the founder Paula Unger loved so much, and which would be an inspiration for her art, the gallery was born to bring together her works and those of artists from different areas in a single place.
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