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Paula Unger

Paula Fani Sneider Unger or Paula Unger, as she is known in the art world, was born in São Paulo, on June 28, 1954. She studied Plastic Arts at the School of Beaux Arts of São Paulo, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in education.

In 1979 she decided to work with handmade pottery.

The artist has her own atelier in São Paulo, the Integrated Arts Space, which besides pottery, is also open to other types of art. Her art pieces are exposed and sold here. She also gives high-temperature ceramic courses and work environment sustainability courses.

Ms Unger is also the owner of Unger’s Pottery House, an art gallery in the city of Monte Verde, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

For the last ten years, she has been dedicated to the discovery of a simple and winding universe, where circles and spirals carry on a never-ending dialog, inviting us to engage in a playful and creative journey.

Besides utilitarian and decorative pottery she also produces sculptures. Her research material includes natural textures, such as rocks, tree barks, stones from the Grand Canyon, mountains in the  Neguev desert, the Andes range, Serra da Mantiqueira in the Southeast of Brazil, among others.



  • I Festival of Women in the Arts 09/82 at MAC


  • Ceramic sets – Galeria Ocra – 05/83


  • I Free Salon of Plastic Arts – Atelier do Carmo – 02/84

  • V Ceramic Salon of the State of Parana 07/84

  • The Well Designed Utilitarian – Taguá Objetos 12/84


  • Pottery and Porcelain – MASP 01/85

  • MASP Sculptures 02/85

  • City Hall of São Bernardo do Campo – exhibits together with Rose do Val


  • Autumn Exhibition – The Japanese Culture Society 04/86

  • VII Ceramic Salon of the State of Parana 06/86

  • Utilitarian Objects and Art – SUTACO 10/86

  • Collective Ceramics Exhibit of Cia Paulista de Força e Luz 11/86


  • Cultural Center of São Paulo – together with LIGIA CATUNDA 03/87

  • Participated in the Pinacoteca de São Bernardo do Campo exhibition with one of her sculptures 03/87


  • The Flower, the Vase, and Art –Monopolio Art Gallery 05/88

  • Sculpture within the reach of all – exhibition oriented to the visually impaired – Rebouças Convention Center 06/88

  • Urban Artists – Brazilian Contemporary Ceramics –  La Recoleta Cultural Center – Buenos Aires 08/88


  • 4th Salon of Architecture and Decoration 06/89


  • Participated together with Vera Berthe in the INSTALLATION at the World’s Fair in OSAKA – JAPÃO of a display entitled IN-DUST-TREES (to protest against contamination in general) invited by the City Hall of Osaka 07/90


  • Equipotel – Landscape project.

  • Fia Flora 2003 – With pieces for garden decor


  • Participation in the Art Chapel Show, from September 26 to October 1st , 2006


  • Individual exhibit at Espaço Henfil de Cultura, in the city of São Bernardo do Campo “AMONG CIRCLES AND SPIRALS” HOPING FOR A BETTER WORLD, from May 18 to June 16 2007.


  • Was invited by the Alfred Andersen Museum of Curitiba, state of Parana, Brazil to give a lecture entitled “From Ethics to Recycling” on July 3rd, 2010 during the 3rd National Ceramics Congress. The topic of this lecture was career opportunities in pottery crafts.

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